[SANYO Lithium M200]

【SANYO Lithium M200】[RARE!]

FEATURESA model that uses batteries exclusively for SANYO wristwatches. Probably rare!

This is Lithium M200 from SANYO (SANYO Electric Co.) from the 1980s.
I have been buying SANYO watches whenever I find them. (As long as they are cheap...).
This model is also simple, but the design attracts me for some reason.

I am not sure if this model is rare or not, because SANYO wristwatches were only on the market for a period of time from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, and there is very little information about them in general. I think it is a rare model.

[SANYO Lithium M200]
When seconds are displayed
(Alarm ON)
[SANYO Lithium M200]
When date are displayed
(Alarm ON)

Like the SANYO Lithium D530 introduced previously, this model uses a special form of SANYO lithium battery called CR736-2 (called a pill shaped battery).
Since CR736-2 is no longer available, two SR716SW button cell batteries are used in this model.

[SANYO CR736-2]
Supecial button battery for SANYO watches
[SANYO CR736-2]
The back side also has a unique shape.
Minus pole is only in the center.

Digital wristwatches of early 1980s, even relatively inexpensive models, are solidly made with all-stainless steel bodies and belts.
This model also has some rust around the back cover, but it is in such good condition that it is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since its release.
Compared to recent inexpensive digital watches, the durability of digital watches of this era seems to be much higher.

[SANYO Lithium M200]
Although there is some rust, still doing well.
[SANYO Lithium M200]
"SANYO" old logo.
Looks good!

This model has only an alarm function and a tiny light, but no stopwatch function.
I can't deny that it is a bit poor even for a digital wristwatch of 1980s, but nowadays a stopwatch function is also available on smartphones, so I think it will be no problem.

Incidentally, smartphones also have a watch function, but... I am definitely a wristwatch person!

[sanyowatch]Author : sanyowatch

I collect old digital watches mainly from the 1970s to 1980s as a hobby.
I'll introduce them little by little.
I like vintage digital watch.
I also like junk old digital watch.

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